Our innovative technology

The oil Mill

The mills

Our flagship is the Mills 4.0 that contains cutting-edge technologies to produce an excellent oil that meets all international standards of quality and traced along the entire production chain. Thanks to our Mills 4.0, innovation reaches the heart of the production plant, passing from the tradition that characterizes the first stages of the process, to the technology that returns a high quality product.


Olive harvesting, an age-old dance ritual

At the beginning of October, until the end of December, stretched the nets beneath the flourishing olive trees, you are now ready to begin what will give life to our quality oil: the olive harvest. Our collection method consists in using mechanical barkers, large arms that shake the branches and like a thick rain make the olives fall comfortably wrapped by the nets through a real traditional dance. The fruits are safe: we are ready for the next step.


Olive oil ceremony, the milling process

Harvested the olives in particular cassettes called bins and left to rest for no more than 24 hours in a cool and ventilated environment, we pass to a thorough cleaning of the olives to avoid hygienic risks during the production phase. A fundamental process that allows us to have olives washed with running water through the use of a specific machinery and then deprived of any leaves, twigs and soil residues thanks to a defoliator. Dressing comes to an end. Let’s discover the ceremony of honour.


Milling and pressing olive process. Our mills 4.0 version

The olives are transformed into oil in our oil mill 4.0. Through technologists and cutting-edge machinery we obtain the oil paste, a compound formed by two parts: a solid one, made of hazelnuts, skins and pulp, which will be used in a sustainable perspective of recycling, and a liquid part, made of water and oil. Our green gold is almost ready, let’s find out how to get it.


Kneading process. A cutting-edge technology

The kneading machines are ready to complete the transformation of our Stilla oil. This process is responsible for separating the water from the oil through a continuous mixing of the oily paste in a steel tank with helical blades. An essential operation that will give life to our quality oil, now ready for the next process: the extraction.


Extraction: the birth of green-gold, our best-standard oil

We have come to the end: the final process has begun, in the air you can inspire a warm scent of freshly cut grass and fresh olives. In the extraction phase we obtain our oil which, separated from the rest of the mixture, arrives in a collection system ready to be bottled and tasted. "Oil tasting is an authentic ritual, based on a precise sequence of well-defined and rhythmic gestures, which involves our sense”.


Separation and storage: our factory

Once the last phase of separation, which involves the complete elimination of the last residues of water in the oil, is completed, storage, a fundamental step to ensure that the solid residues are deposited naturally. If the product is not to be placed on the market immediately, it is kept in steel jars in an atmosphere containing nitrogen, otherwise if it is to be sold immediately, it is filtered before final packaging.

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