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The products of the AGRIOIL Group of Companies are available in numerous countries around the world. This site is intended only for users residing or domiciled in Italy. The descriptions of the products on the site are released for information only and do not imply that these products and brands are available outside of Italy.
If a link to this site is to be created, it will be necessary to send a specific request by e-mail to info [at] AGRIOIL [point] it in which to indicate: (i) the data relating to the person responsible for the technical aspects of managing link links; (ii) the data of the applicant company; (iii) the indication of the web address of the site where the link to this site will be created.
AGRIOIL reserves the right to unquestionably evaluate the requests received by sending a specific reply. In case of no reply from AGRIOIL, the request must be considered rejected.
Otherwise it is not allowed to create links to connect to this Site, with the consequence that the violation of what has just been indicated will be prosecuted in accordance with the legislation in force on that date.

These general conditions of use are governed and prepared in accordance with the laws in force in Italy without taking into account the International Convention on contracts for the sale of products whose application is expressly excluded from these conditions of use. Within the limits established by applicable law, the jurisdiction for any dispute relating to this site will be Salerno. If one or more clauses of these general conditions of use are or become ineffective, the validity of the other clauses of these conditions of use will not cease.