Our Brands


Rocca is our historical brand very appreciated especially abroad. A complete range of products, from olive oil to extra virgin, from flavoured to seeds. A valuable help in the kitchen to prepare all the dishes adding a touch of Italian taste on the table.

Marchesa Maria

Marchesa Maria - The Products of the House, is our deluxe line, with valuable packaging to bring to the table all the value of Made in Italy. A range of extra virgin olive oils of the highest quality, Italian and organic 100% and our top quality, the D.O.P. Colline Salernitane, directly from the premixing of the best olives in our territory.


Lisandro is our historic brand, which has recently been renovated with a modern graphic line. Appreciated on the international markets, Lisandro offers a complete range of products, from olive oil to extra virgin, from flavoured to seeds. An ally in the kitchen to accompany with taste all the food, enhancing the dishes with the scents and flavours of an all-Italian product.


The Stilla brand is the result of the union that we wanted to create between the rural tradition and the technological innovation of our Mills 4.0 to give life to quality extra virgin olive oils. Our line of products Stilla offers a wide range of oils: from cold-extracted extra virgin olive oils, through the flavourings that give off all the flavours and aromatic scents of our land. Also, our line dedicated to chefs and restaurants, the evolution line, the best of quality extra virgin olive oils and the Gift Pack line, the perfect gift for those who love.

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